Project Overview

Certified Restoration is a San Diego based water damage restoration company. They run their business like first responders during water damage disasters in homes, commercial buildings, and local businesses. Often they are a property owner or manager's first call and require the same bedside manner as an emergency dispatcher.

Because Certified Restoration handles a large volume of calls, they had difficulty tracing where the lead came from. This became an issue when we attempted to attribute which marketing efforts were producing the biggest ROI.

Our strategy included identifying key pieces of content and traffic sources to their website through analytics. After, we implemented call tracking with dynamic number insertion on their website and specific call forwarding numbers for high referral directory sites like Yelp and Google My Business.

Project Type

  • Content
  • Strategy
  • SEO

At A Glance

Through careful monitoring of Google Analytics we were able to identify the best fit for call tracking number insertion for key content and site referral sources.

Increase in calls from all digital sources
Increase in qualified local leads
Increase in revenue over 1 year period


The largest hurdle faced in executing a successful implementation of SEO and Content strategies was attributing lead source to the results we were driving on Certified Restoration's website. CRI was ranking globally on Google SERPs and calls were coming in, but what initiatives were driving these leads?

DigiGriot did not have complete data to tell CRIs story and missing this critical information made it difficult to inform an ongoing marketing strategy that would drive growth for this client.

The secondary issue we faced was the disparity between calls and qualified leads generated. Because Certified Restoration was ranking high globally a hefty amount of the calls received were not based in CRI's service area. General SEO practice was not contributing to a successful marketing ecosystem.


We identified the right call tracking software that would provide us with accurate lead source attribution, enabled call recording, and was user-friendly for the client. We implemented the dynamic number insertion to the website first by identifying high converting pages from Google Analytics. We then created unique phone numbers for social and review sites like Yelp and Google My Business.

Throughout the rollout of this strategy, we identified friction points in the customer journey and were able to identify gaps in Certified Restoration's content.

We invested time in focusing on local SEO tactics such as Google My Business management, local-focused content and landing pages as well as local targeting through SEM.


Lead Generation Q1 2019 vs Q4 2018

Google My Business call share
Qualified unique leads
Calls with duration > 5 minutes
Decrease in unqualified unique callers
Unique calls
Conversions < 5 minutes on landing page

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