Project Overview

Nucleus Biologics is the leader in precision cell culture solutions for the scientific community. They were successful in proving their FBS was superior to what was currently on the market and were looking to launch a fresh new product.

Physiologix is a first of its kind product and having worked with Nucleus Biologics in the past set us up for understanding the challenge of breaking through to scientists using an alternative solution for cell therapy experiments.

The campaign we developed for Nucleus Biologics was an integrated effort that leveraged technical content (both gated and ungated) with HubSpot landing pages, website development of product page, AdWords, and social platforms.

Project Type

  • Strategy
  • Web Development
  • PPC


The scientific community is difficult to sway and the buying process is more complicated than a one buyer persona approach. Solutions that currently exist are purchased in large volumes so breaking a lab away from the status quo is not done quickly.


The integrated marketing strategy that was implemented for the product launch was focused on education and was perfect for the inbound approach. AdWords, landing pages, and posts were technical pieces that focused on problem awareness and guided visitors strategically towards the new product.

Through an iterative process, the product page converted more visitors and social posts along with guest blog posts increased website sessions to product specific topics on the Nucleus Biologics website.

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