Project Overview

Tarantula Hills Brewing Company was a new venture by Thousand Oaks natives and lifelong friends. They would be the first craft brewery in Thousand Oaks and would be opening up the market for more breweries to join the ranks of California's craft beer market.

The group needed a focused marketing strategy and a brand that would break through the noise of a highly competitive and saturated market. Building a brand from the ground up as they worked on crafting the next big name in craft brews.

Project Type

  • Branding
  • Strategy


A saturated California market would make it easy to fade into the background without a clear stand and voice. The friends that started this venture all had their own voice and very different styles so they needed direction for all of their ideas.


A thorough strategy project was able to produce a clear roadmap for Tarantula Hill Brewing Company. The strategy & branding project produced multiple iterations of logos and branding elements as well as a complete competitive audit that would allow them to not fall into the same mistakes as some breweries as well as opportunities to grow through innovative marketing efforts.

The integrated marketing plan produced set Tarantula Hill with a clear understanding of their goals and metrics they would need to meet in order to become the brand they were building.

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