Project Overview

West Coast Weekender is an annual multi-day underground music festival and conference held in San Diego. Founded in 2016, the festival attracts fans & industry professionals from across the US, many whom fall into the 25-40 year-old age demographic and travel from outside of San Diego.

DigiGriot's involvement in 2019's event has focused on West Coast Weekender's new branding (designed by BPM Media Group), new venue (Viejas Casino & Resort), hotel room bookings, and ticket sales.

Our marketing strategy included identifying the challenges & needs of the festival's audience in order to target them with valuable content that nurtures them towards booking rooms and purchasing tickets.

Project Type

  • Web Development
  • Strategy
  • Content
  • Design

At A Glance

A key focus was driving hotel room bookings through the new website. By setting up custom Google Analytics events and goals, we were able to closely monitor the site's performance and optimize for conversions.

Hotel Room Leads Per Week
Room Bookings Per Week
Room Booking Conversion Rate

New 2019 Website

The overhauled 2019 branding deserved a new website that embraced the fresh look & feel. With a custom WordPress theme, we developed a branded web experience with key features such as artist & conference custom post types and hotel room booking integrated directly into the theme.

Hotel Room Booking

With CMS functionality to manage available room options and details as well as a custom-built booking form, the site provides a highly-optimized booking experience that simplifies the process for both guests and event organizers.


A critical challenge faced by the festival was optimizing their hotel room booking experience for guests coming from out of town.

A simple form would not prevent selection of sold out options, booking dates outside of the festival date range, or room features not available for specific room options.

Furthermore, because room bookings require a festival ticket and requests need to be processed and confirmed by Viejas Casino & Resort, there are many points of confusion or potential friction for guests.


We identified the specific needs & concerns of traveling guests and designed a room booking experience on the website that felt familiar and well-organized.

By positioning important information and FAQs throughout the process, we were able to inform users of critical details that alleviate booking concerns and minimize invalid booking requests.

The custom booking form & hotel room pages simplify the booking process by only showing room, date, & booking options available & relevant to the specific room choice.


Website Performance - 2019 vs. 2018

Ticket Pageviews
Hotel Room Pageviews
Bounce Rate

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