Project Overview

Kaya Collective was a mobile medical cannabis dispensary. Having no storefront their business growth was dependant on their digital footprint and brand visibility online.

We worked with Kaya Collective to bring more eyes to their online shop and drive more growth through revenue. In a highly regulated market and highly competitive industry, Kaya's main challenge would be keeping recurring business and brand loyalty to sustain month-to-month revenue levels.

Project Type

  • Email
  • Branding
  • Design
  • Web Development

At A Glance

Targeted Campaigns That Deliver On Their Goals

Subscribe Rate
Open Rate Improvement
Click Rate Improvement


The market for cannabis dispensaries is highly saturated and maintaining revenue from a recurring source is difficult. Consumers have a lot of choices and it is a market that thrives on convenience.


Integrating the e-commerce engine with Kaya's email marketing system allowed us to create highly targeted campaigns for member only deals and flower specials. Each promotion was tailored to the trends in product popularity and paired with an education content piece to drive an increase in website sessions.

The email campaigns drove traffic to the blog content and led to more conversions on the online menu linked to products related to blog topics.

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